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We dream of adventure - then we embark on the journey. Our moments are captured within our words, pictures and artwork.

Shredded boots remind us of the journeys we have walked, the peaks we have bagged, the trails we have shredded and the rivers we have run. They tell the story of blisters, exhaustion and defeat coated in a layer of  soul searching, survival and success. We all have our unique and inspiring stories and we can encourage each other to conquer our passions.

Share your passions with your writing. Post a link to an article from your personal blog or website for others to enjoy. If you have an article in a document form instead of website or blog, feel free to paste it into into the Additional Comments box. Navigate these pages to read other inspiring stories. Fill out the Article Submission Form to add your article.

If you don't have a blog or website, feel free to kick back and read the awesome stories of other adventurers that share your passion.


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