First Aid Kits Are Important

Zucchini takes you through one week of the Pacific Crest Trail in this blog post. She details the highs and lows of the PCT and the group she is traveling with. After reading her blog, continue on to other entries on her website. You can follow along on her journey from Mexico to Canada. Inspiration and adventure are always found in the stories from the long distance hikers.

"A mile before Mathers, I saw Philly way off trail. I had guessed that he had wandered off because I didn’t see his footprints in the tracks ahead of me anymore, but he was even further off than I had realized. He was way down in the bowl that I was skirting, right below the pass. As I walked along the trail, he climbed directly up, stopped on a rock below the trail, and yelled for me to come down. I heard him say something about needing stitches, and realized something was wrong. He pulled up the leg of his blood-stained pants revealing a jagged gash just beneath his knee. I did my best to wrap it up with a bandage he had for his swollen ankle, then we hiked on. Coming down the other side of the pass was awful. It was steep and snowy, with no real trail. We glissaded several times, and once I postholed so badly that my shoe came off and I spent a solid three minutes digging it out." ~ Zucchini Walking

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