The Idyllic Spirit

Wonderland Day 0

Completing the Wonderland Trail, a 93 mile hike that encircles Mt. Rainier with an elevation gain of 22, 000, is not for the novice backpacker. Follow Idyllic's twelve day journey around this massive volcano as she captures the very essence of this impressive route. Additionally, as a diabetic, she reveals how she managed her health on the trail as to bring awareness for the American Diabetes Association.

"Today is our longest day at 13.5 miles from Devil's Dream to North Puyallup.  Every time we mentioned to someone that we were doing Devil's Dream to North Puyallup, they made a facial grimace and visibly cringed.  So we thought it might be hard.  We got going an hour earlier than usual (7am).  I expected a 12 hour hiking day.  But since it was cold and raining, we really didn't stop much for breaks and were finished in about 9 hours.  We tried to take a lunch break at one point.  We sat in a tight little row on Nancy's zpad under a few trees, trying to get a little out of the rain.  Hunched over our spam, tuna, and payday bar, respectively. Absolutely effing miserable.  I thought about laying on my mom's couch and eating her home cooking in front of the wood stove.

We also had to cross the Tahoma Suspension Bridge today.  It was really high and there were boards missing!  WHAT!  Seriously.  I get halfway across the bridge and have to take these giant steps over missing boards with the bridge swaying and slick in the rain.  So unbelievable.  I almost crapped my pants. I didn't video that one because I was too flustered." ~Idyllic

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