Rest Step Hikes

Mile 2512: Billy Goat!

Rest Step takes you on a journey through a section of the Pacific Crest Trail in the North Cascades. Check out her journey along the trail at mile 2500 and find out her run in with a famous thru hiker. This part of the trail is relentless with its big elevation gains and losses.

"Words of wisdom: less than a tenth of a mile north was the beginning of Trail Hell, a 30+ mile stretch of massive blowdowns, thick overgrowth, and slumping trail; this was over 9000 feet elevation gain and 9000 feet loss. Not the worst trail I’ve ever seen, but it was relentless, and had a certain soul-sucking quality about it. I plowed on, aiming for Glacier Creek, five miles up the trail. Appropriate, I suppose, as my pace could only be described as glacial." ~ Rest Step

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