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Defiance 50K Race Report 2016

For the ultralight backpackers or those looking for solutions to reducing pack weight, you have to read this article. Lion Heart breaks down how meticulously put together a practical, light weight first aid/repair kit and a personal hygiene kit. Also, if you are a fan of essential oils, she portions and packs them with her on the trail.

"I hadn't heard of Defiance 50K until the night prior, but I was signed up for Oregon Coast 50K and decided that due to my poor planning, it was unrealistic for me to get up at 2a.m. to drive 11 hours round trip to run that race. So I got online and found Defiance, which had plenty of space left as well as day-of registration.
This 50K is held on the trails at Point Defiance starting at Owens Beach. It's a loop course of roughly 10 miles with about 1,000 feet of gain per loop and it's all runnable. Even my favorite descent, Nelly's Gnarly Descent, is runnable; it has a rope from top to bottom, so you just hang on tight and bomb down (I recommend bringing gloves for this). The trails are gorgeous and I sure do love a course where you can get a steady rhythm and good turnover, it makes for a fast day." ~ Korey Konga

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