An Introduction to Snake Jumper

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A trail name (for those who do not know) is a name given to a backpacker on the trail, usually it has some kind of meaning or something that you do or happened to you while out on the trail. Most backpacker’s use their trail names while introducing themselves to others while on the trail. It is something that should be given by another while on the tail, generally speaking, sort of a backpacking right of passage.

I did not receive my trail name while on a long distance backpacking trip, but on a short trip along the Kern River in California, where we backpacked in 3 miles to a base camp along the river and then day hiked and relaxed for 4 days, for my 44th, a back-country backpacking birthday bonanza. My trail name was given to me by my great friend Sue, aka: Puffy, We were day hiking out of our base camp along the Kern River and we were chatting away and I stopped short to take a photo (I take a ton of photos) Sue stopped right behind me, I brought the camera down to get a good angle on the river. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement, I took a closer look and my brain registered the diamond pattern, right next to my right leg, my instinct said back up back up back up, my brain said if you back up, both you and Sue are going to land on the ground and someone will get bit ( all these thoughts processed in seconds ) instead I yelled SNAKE! And took a flying leap over it and ran a few steps and turned around, Sue backed up and fell on the ground, just like I thought would happen. And Mr. Mojave Rattlesnake slithered away nonchalantly in between us. I have never been that close to a rattler without Plexiglas in between…

A group photo from the trip..


Some other interesting tidbits that you may find on this blog.

I like to make my own trail meals and dehydrating, so I will be posting the trials, errors and successes, along with recipes.

I am always on the look out for backpacking items to make the trip easier and I do this on a budget.

I tend to take a ton of photos.

My goal is to eventually complete the entire PCT, it may not be in order and it may take me until I am 80, but as long as the body will function, I will do what I can to complete this goal.

My other half, Mike, teases me about my hiking, camping and backpacking addiction, his nicknames for me are bark-nibbler, tree hugger and hippy hiker.. all in good fun of course, he is an adrenaline junkie and prefers a motor to feet. I also participate, and will be expanding my blog to include the off roading trips but under another blog, Off Roading Adventures with GTP Off Road.

I look forward to sharing my journey’s and fun and tribulations…