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Reducing Pack Weight After The Big 3 – Bag Of Magic Potions

For the ultralight backpackers or those looking for solutions to reducing pack weight, you have to read this article. Lion Heart breaks down how meticulously put together a practical, light weight first aid/repair kit and a personal hygiene kit. Also, if you are a fan of essential oils, she portions and packs them with her on the trail.

"It’s a well-known fact that the easiest way to reduce your base weight is by scrutinizing your Big 3. Tent, Sleeping Bag, Backpack. You might have just dropped $1,200 on the lightest, most badass Big 3. But then what? Are you just going to throw bulky clothes and giant tubes of sunscreen in your pack before hitting the trails?

It’s taken me years to refine the little tubes of magic potions that I carry. Travel sizes are a nice place to start but ultimately, it’s always more than one person needs. Plus, I’m picky. As a cancer survivor I care about my exposure to chemicals, especially those in hygiene products. My potion bag was first revolutionized when I found dropper bottles that were small enough. Because of the size and color selection, Ultralite Outfitters is my go-to shop for mini dropper bottles." ~ Journey Return

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