Jen on the Run

Pilot Ridge Loop

Pilot Ridge Loop is a scenic loop in the North Cascades in Washington State that takes the average backpacker 3-4 days to complete. However, a select few highly determined and strong trail runners can make the 28 mile and 8,200' gain in a day. Read about Jen On The Run's account of making The Loop in a day.

"The vistas kept getting better from there as I hit the junction with the PCT and headed south towards White Pass. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! I met some of the most kind people this day – most doing the loop as well or only a section of the PCT. Many said that this was their last section before completing all of WA. Congratulations to all of you!

I kept running, enjoying all the peaks and deep valleys, stopping what seemed like every 100Ft to get a shot of this mountain or that trail section from a different angle." ~ Jen On The Run

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