Honeymoon On The Pacific Crest Trail


When PCT Thru Hikers reach reach Washington in October, the real race against time becomes a bigger priority as winter begins to blanket the North Cascades. Check out this couple's final days on the PCT as they raced against an incoming storm that would leave them deciding whether or not they could finish the last 70 miles to Canada and how to escape if needed. These guys share the harsh reality of waking up under feet of snow and navigating with frozen clothing and navigating when the trail had disappeared below feet of fresh new snow.


"We reached Cutthroat Mtn. Pass just as the snow began to take a more permanent place in the landscape, covering the mountains around us in winter’s white blanket. The sky was layered in incrementally darker shades of grey, the crisp mountain air felt good in our lungs. The incoming storm was a visual masterpiece, painted only for us… we were on top of the world, enjoying every glorious moment and determined to hike on.

With the day coming to a close, we were lucky enough to find camp under tree cover to relieve some of the burden of the snow off our tent as the storm progressed. It was Halloween night so we shared an extra candy bar and fell asleep listening to the snow falling all around us." ~Honeymoon On The PCT

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