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Birthdays, Bears and Tempting Fate: E. Glacier to Many Glacier (Days 1-4)

This article from Hike The Divide takes you through the writer's first four days on the Continental Divide Trail. The author keeps you captivated as you read about thru-hikers starting out in Montana. A small group of southbound hikers navigate steep, snowy terrain and encounter four days of CDT challenges.


"Fuck that," I said. "So much." And I laughed as I looked out across the western Montana skyline, feeling more alive than ever. Toppy made it down with ease; there were no jokes about those panther claw crampons that day.

Not ten yards from where the trail picked up we saw black bear, mountain lion and big horn sheep prints right next to one another. Another few steps up, a large grizzly print. Anchor chiefed down a cigarette or two and pronounced that he was done with snow. Of course, we were still somewhere around 7,000 feet up, so he was sorely disappointed when we rounded the next bend.

Fortunately none of the snow we crossed from that point on was on a precarious slope. We dropped a fair amount of elevation down to our campsite, Granite Park. We saw a lone goat or sheep way up on the ridge on our way down and Anchor saw a golden eagle. Lucky guy.

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