Escape to the Desert

For a nice, relaxing, easy backpacking trip in the spring, we often escape to the desert area of Washington State instead of camping on snow or in rain. Every year Ancient Lakes on the Columbia River proves to be a fantastic destination. The trail system is easy to navigate and relatively flat. With a minimum hike of two miles to the closest camping areas, kids can load up their backpacks and test their post winter fitness. While this desert destination provides relatively nice, stable weather, it doesn't provide a viable water source due to the irrigation run off that fills the lakes. Instead, everyone must haul in all of their water instead of filtering from the lakes.

This weekend, we met up with a few friends and headed out to our desert oasis. We camped together, ate lots of s'mores, sat around the campfire watching Reel Rock 11 and even watched a raccoon pedal a mountain bike. Some of us packed climbing gear after finding out there were climbing routes about a mile away. After setting up camp, we packed our ropes and gear and headed out to climb. After climbing up over the waterfall, and traversing another plateau, we found a few routes to climb. Great chill weekend for Team Ridiculous!