Alone on the JMT

Glen Pass: I Met my Match

To appreciate the victories and summits, you must endure the challenging moments. Carolyn brings out the raw emotion and transparency in her writing. It is easy to follow along her journey of hiking the John Muir Trail and feel the long, unrelenting daily climbs up and down mountain passes day after day. Read this blog post and read through the rest on her page to find out where the journey and the fight to continue on take her.

"Fuck today. Fuck the stupid mountains and fuck Glen Pass. Next time I think, “Oh it’s going to be an easy day”, I’m just going to reach right up and slap myself. I really have to stop thinking that, it only sets me up for disappointment and agony.  Just face it: there are no easy days on the John Muir Trail (they don’t call this the toughest part of the PCT for nothing)." ~ Carolyn Higgins

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